Septic Systems



Most homeowners don't understand the process of designing and installing a septic system to ensure that it lasts it's full life span. That is what David O'Neil Construction, LLC is here for. We use local soil scientists during the design of the new septic system, are here to properly explain the installation process before and during the install and provide knowledgeable information for proper care & maintenance after the install is complete. There are many factors that determine the life span of your septic system and with the costs associated with today's building trades, septic systems are not something a home owner needs, wants or should be replacing often. If you choose to have us install your septic system you can be sure to have ease of mind knowing that your new septic system will be installed correctly and with the best materials available. Take a look at some of the septic systems we have installed here or check out our Facebook page. For more information on design, installation and Operation, Care, Maintenance & Use visit our Septic System section of the website.


Video Camera Septic System Inspections


Let us inspect the septic system

When buying a house we recommend having the septic inspected before the purchase transaction is finalized. Many banks also require a detailed septic inspection so check with your mortgage loan officer or real estate agent on your program requirements. Without a visual inspection how does a buyer know the quality and integrity of the septic system and leach field they are purchasing? The last thing you want to do it move into a house and find out the system is in failure by experiencing a back up. Visual inspections give buyers ease of mind and come with a written report which allows the buyer a better understanding of the condition of the septic system and leach field. Many times the written report is used as leverage in purchase transactions. Don't be left with replacing a septic system because you decided not to have it inspected. This could save you thousands of dollars on the purchase of your new home or in future repairs or replacements.



Everyone knows that New England weather is rough on driveways. How is your driveway at your home? Does it have ruts or pot holes? Are the edges washing away from water run-off? We have solutions to fix your driveway or build a new one. Although we do not provide paving services, we can refer you to someone who does or provide an alternative.

Proper driveway construction is very important for a long and effective life with normal use and maintenance. Every driveway needs routine maintenance and we believe yearly maintenance is the most cost effective and easiest way to maintain your driveway. Driveways need a good base composed of well draining and compacted soils. They also need to have a crown to promote proper draining to the sides. This helps assist the water flow off the driveway instead of down the middle of the tire tracks. More times than not, weather, plowing and lack of maintenance are the most common factors to a rough and degrading driveway.

We can fix and maintain your existing driveway, or construct a new driveway for you. Let us know what your concerns and needs are; we will take a look at your project, give you our feedback and advice for making sure it's functional.


If you have drainage issues and water runoff we can provide a solution. No one wants water in their basement or pooling of water in their yard or driveway. We install all types of drains; French drains, foundation drains, underground drainage for gutters, foundation drain cleanouts, culverts and more.

French drains are a good solution to excess roof water which may be making it's way through your foundation and into your basement. We build French drains to last. We first dig a ditch along the side of your house wide enough to catch the falling roof water. Next we line that ditch with thick rubber roofing. Some people use plastic but we like to use rubber because it's more durable and will last longer. Then we place a 4" perforated pipe in the ditch, run it out to daylight, and back fill the ditch with a stone of your choice (usually either ledge or round natural stone). The choice of stone is for aesthetics and the stone itself is to collect water. You will be surprised at how much water these drains collect and satisfied with a dry basement.

House Lots

Building a New Home?

If you are looking to build a new home there are many things to think about. Having a knowledgeable excavation company is the most important decision of the whole project; after all, it starts from the ground up! There are many services we provide when it comes to site work. From clearing and stumping your property to digging the cellar hole and installing drainage, we got you covered. Every home needs a strong foundation. One thing that sets us aside from other contractors is the way we construct cellar holes for foundations. Good proper drainage is key to a dry and sturdy basement. When we construct the cellar hole we use a good 6-8 inch base of stone under the entire foundation and not just the footings. We also install footing drains, in stone ,and wrapped in silt paper. This ensures that any water within the ground will be collected throughout the stone and piping systems and discharged away from your home. We also cover underground electrical power to your home, water, sewer and driveway work.




We provide trucking. Whether it be for personal, at home projects or another construction company needing an extra truck driver for the day. We can deliver all different types of material, simply give us a call, tell us what material you are looking for, where and when you would like it delivered and we will make it happen.