Septic Installation


Septic Installation


The first step to installing a new septic system is marking out where the tank and leach field are going to be located per the plans provided by the designer. We use spray paint to mark out the septic tank and ground steaks to mark out the leach field. Once these are clearly marked it's time to start digging. The tank area is always the first to be dug. Making sure the hole for the tank is ready and clearly marked for the delivery are very important. The day before we feel the tank can be delivered we contact the company we are using to set up a time for delivery. After the tank(s) are installed it's time to work our way out to the leach field. Most of our installs are done using the Presby Environmental Enviro-Septic Wastewater Treatment System, but we do install stone and pipe systems as well. The benefits of the Presby Systems are:

  • It digests up to 99% of wastewater contaminants, thus recycling clean water into the environment
  • The size of the system is reduced by up to 4 times smaller than other Conventional systems, which results in less time and aggregate material during the install
  • The tubes are designed to fit sloping and curved configurations on a property

Once the leach field is installed it's time to bring in new, quality sand fill to cover the system. Next, loam is spread over the sand fill and the ground is hydro-seeded to ensure beautiful green grass in the future.


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