“Wow 2/13/17 Thank you, Thank you for a GREAT job opening my driveway to be very proactive against future storms. – Marianne (repeat plow customer)”

"Matthew and Jason came out to inspect our septic system. They were the most kind and respectful young men I have worked with in a very long time. - Brenda"

"David & Matthew, Thank you for your expertise & assistance with our septic inspection. We were disappointed to learn that the sellers of our home did not get their act together in time to use you for the system replacement. We would have preferred for you to do that work. I'm sure we will see you around town! Best, Erin & Dan"

"Thank you for your patience and quick response. -Renee & Eric"

"Hi Dave, Looks Great! I'll probably check in with you at some point to review the alarm and frequency of pumping the tank. Thanks again- Mary"

"Dave and Matt, Thanks to both of you for another year of great service. -Toni" (repeat plow customer)

"David, Thank you for another year of great service. Take care. - Enid" (repeat plow customer)

"David & Matt, You did a great job on the Peanut Row driveway. Thank you- Barbara"

"Long hours for all of you- We appreciate the great job you do. Thank you- Bob"

"David, Thank you for the great job. All good wishes. - John"

"Thanks for all you did. It looks great especially around the barn area. The grass is starting to show over the tank and field. Hope your summer goes well. - Cindy"

"David- Many thanks- the driveway looks terrific and the drainage work has done the job of drying up the area. Please let me know if I need to do anything to advance the work we'd like to do near the pond. Best regards! Lori"

"Thank you so much, David for your work at my house site following the fire. It was inspiring how people like you just stepped right up to help. Best wishes for your family in the New Year. - Mary" (This was from a neighbor in our community for full site work we did when her house bunt down. All work was donated.)

"Dear Dave & Matt, Thank you for all the awesome hard work you've done for us at our place, and a huge thank you for doing us a solid on the price! - Mike & Sharri

"Matthew, We know that some people do not feel the same about their animals as we do, we are heartbroken! It meant a lot to us to bury Syb in the area that she loved to investigate each morning, to smell tracks and scents of any wild life that may have passed through during the night. She gave us so much joy and unconditional love. She continually made us smile from her antics…we miss her very much but her spirit is still with us. We want to thank you for coming Feb 23, 2011. You certainly have excellent skills operating the backhoe. The shovel for all its weight and size may as well have been a “feather” as you expertly placed it very gently where you needed it. Your mom & dad have every reason to be very proud of you. We not only appreciated your skill with the backhoe, but also the care and respect you showed. Thank you Matthew! - Sincerely Bob & Donna"

“Hi Dave! I just wanted to thank you for all that you did on our house. You did a great job and it was a pleasure to work with you and the guys! Thanks! – Dean”

“Dear David & Matt, Many thanks for your great work on our house at 102 Breed Road! Dell and I, and our whole family of cousins and friends appreciate it enormously! Kind regards – Lou”

“Dear David, We are very pleased with the work that you and Matt did on our garage floor, work bench and driveway. Each part of the job was done efficiently and professionally. Thank you for your services and responsiveness to what the “vision” was (even as it changed sometimes). Dad’s Harley is now in the garage, and he is also very pleased. Thanks again. Sincerely, Cameron”

“During the mid-winter of 1997, David O’Neil constructed a 20’ X 120’ storage warehouse for Belletetes Incorporated. He handled the job in a very professional manner and completed the project on a timely basis. I would not hesitate to contract him for future projects as they may surface. I would highly recommend him for carpentry projects because of his quality of craftsmanship and professionalism. – John”

“I recently had an addition constructed onto my home in Harrisville, NH. While selecting a contractor, I became acquainted with David O’Neil Construction. Hind sight is a wonderful thing and I am very happy with my decision to award the contract to David. He produced a very high quality project, on time and one budget. One of the most annoying things about building projects are contractors spreading themselves too thin and not showing up when they’re supposed to. In my experience David accepts only the amount of work that he can handle and goes about it in a diligent way. This coupled with his quality workmanship and fair dealing approach, make him in my opinion a very desirable contractor. I would recommend David O’Neil Construction without reservation. Yours truly- William”